In Session View: How do you manage clips that have a pickup measure?

Imagine that I'm looping scene#2 and I wish to go to scene#3, but scene#3 has a melody that have a 'pickup measure/bar', this means that the melody in scene#3 starts in the end of scene#2.

So, if I'm looping scene#2 I just wish to listen the pickup measure when moving to scene#3.

What are the tips and tricks to go around this? What people usually do to solve this?

I think this question solves also issues with transitions and fills.



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  • basscheck
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    You can do this:

    Create a duplicate of scene 2. Let's call it 2a. Set every clip that you want to continue playing up until scene 3 to Legato. Insert your clip that contains the pickup to the melody into scene 2a. Leave Legato unchecked for this one. Set the follow action for all clips in scene 2a to Next. Now when you launch scene 2a, everything should continue playing while the melody pickup plays, and then all clips in scene 3 should automatically launch at the following bar. Hope that made sense.

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  • bodhilotus
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    launch it as a separate clip while scene 2 is playing when you want it to happen in time, and then click scene 3

    or if its happening at the end of an already playing clip but you don't want to hear the other scene 2 items, in time solo that track when the pickup is happening and then unsolo when you click on scene 3 to get all the tracks unmuted again...


    hope that helps...there are many ways to do things in Live which is great...

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  • jpgringo
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    Little bit oblique to this thread, but I just came up with an interesting way to loop a phrase that's 1 bar long, with a pickup on beat 4 that holds a note or two over onto beat 1 of the next measure (though it will work for other phrases that cross the bar-line and — I think — for other phrase lengths):

    1. Create a duplicate track, right after the track that will contain the clip.

    2. Create the clip. It will be 2 bars long; most of the first bar will be empty, the pickup portion of the second bar will be empty also.

    3. Copy the clip onto the duplicate track, but one scene down.

    4. Place a 1-bar empty clip on the duplicate track, in the first scene. Set its Follow Action to "Next".

    Launching the first scene will start the clip on first track at the end of the next bar, and the identical clip will start on the second track with a 1-bar delay. The two tracks will then continue to 'trade off' for as long as they play. If all settings and effects on the tracks are identical, then this is seamless. Or… you can change settings to draw attention to the alternation.

    To make it all easier to manage, group the two tracks. Then you can launch this as though it's a single clip, instead of having to use scene launch.

    (The downside is of course that you have to anticipate the clip launch by one bar, because of the pickup)

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  • dcocharro
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    It would be nice to have this as a feature.


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