In order to DJ with Ableton on my Macbook Pro 15" i7 retina, and a pair of headphones what will I need in order to cue with headphones? Do I need an external sound card?

Time to move on from Traktor Pro, and traditional external DJ controllers. I would simply like to DJ with Ableton Live 9, my Macbook Pro 2014 Retina, Headphones, Push, and APC 40. Do I need a sound card? If so which is best? Is there a way to configure Soundflower, or another aggregate device as a work around to avoid an external sound card? Is there a way to hear headphone cueing in Ableton without an external sound card? Thanks!!!


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    There is a way if the internal soundcard has a left and right channel. You can set channel 1 as main output and channel 2 as cue output.

    But if you really want to dj, you probably want to have high quality sound, more connecting options than a mini jack output on a laptop and a separate cue. You probably can avoid using an external interface, but honestly,i wouldn't know why. It has way too many advantages compared to the "off-the-shelf" internal crap.

    So i would say: do yourself a favour and get a decent audio interface

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