Impulse will not play back drum samples

Hi There,

Im just trying to load drum samples into impulse but for some reason the playback of the samples does not come through my speakers.. i can see the eq "jump" when i hit the "Play" button on the GUI but nothing comes through..  any ideas on whats going on ?




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  • juanlittledevil
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    I would trouble shoot it this way:

    1. Make sure monitoring is on. Either set to In or Auto (with the track armed)

    2. Make sure that I have my Auido To sending audio to the master channel.

    3. If had a series of devices after impulse then I'd turn them all off then start turning one by one to check if it's that.

    4. If I still didn't have any sound I'd check impulse and make sure that volume levels are at adjusted properly as a whole and for each part.

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  • COSM
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    Also check to make sure that the velocity of any notes in the piano roll aren't set to 0. By default the velocity is attached to the amplitude or volume of the sample.

    You can do this by

    1. holding down the command (ctrl on PC) key
    2. left click on a note and hold it
    3. move the mouse up and down
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  • Ableton_David
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    In addition to what others have offered, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Ableton tech support about this, at

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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