Important: Loading different file types in PUSH 2...



1. Can PUSH 2 see midi files on the RGB screen? Same as it shows audio wave files?

2. Can I load midi files in tracks, as midi clips, from the browser? Can I load a midi file in a specific empty midi clip by pressing a pad and then assigning the clip?

3. Can I load my personal audio files as clips, from the browser? Can I load an audio file in a specific empty clip on a track, by pressing a pad and then assigning the clip?

4. Can I load instrument racks on a selected track, from the browser?

5. Can I assign third party plugins to a track, from the browser and then immediately access their device parameters, which Push will map automatically?


These are all important questions for me, because I need some clarification regarding Push 2 workflow...

So maybe some users or even people from Ableton could answer all those points...



ps: is a software/firmware update in the making, regarding some of the above?


stalker_on 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • ABQWaves
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    1 i don't know.

    2 i know it can't

    the rest is possible 

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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