Import of maschine samples changes master tempo

I'm trying to add NI Maschine to my work flow so i wrote a bunch of 4 measure patterns to export as audio to Live. I export all of the stems and when i drag and drop them into LIVE it keeps changing my tempo. I set the master tempo to 120BPM and LIVE decides the stems are at 96 bpm and then changes the master tempo. Even when i turn off auto stretch long samples (these aren't very long) it does import them at 120 without changing the master BUT when i turn stretch back on for any of the clips (i want to try adding some other loops etc) LIVE wants the clips to stretch to 96 BPM again. I wrote everything in 120 so not clear what's happening. I want to start this project at 120 BPM. Thanks for any answers to this hair pulling mystery.


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    Not sure if this helps; but try this. Live tries to define the project tempo if you load the first clip. Turning auto warp long samples off, that problem is gone, like you already found out.

    Load the first sample, then change master tempo back to desired amount. After that load the rest of the samples.

    Also make sure the samples you exported from Maschine are 120 bpm. If not, you will have to warp the samples to fit tempo.

    If Live is wrong about the correct bpm, you could try loading the unwarped clips and consolidating them in the arrangement. They will then be warped again, but with the same tempo they already had, so you can use warp function again.  



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