Implement Native Instruments KK Database in Live and Push

Is anybody able writing a script or something that allows the implementation of the Native Instrument Komplete database and all of its patches?? I know that there is the Audio Modder VST Bridge but this is not what I'm looking for. I would like having a "real" bridge that changes the values in Live and Push once the (user) Database in Komplete gets changed. Is anobody able programming such a bridge?? I would like to see the same Database in Live than the Komplete Kontrol plugin offers (Factory or User library, Synthesizer, Bank, Types and SubTypes). Hope someone is able programming such a bridge... Ableton doesn't have plans of doing so as far as I know (which is a pity as I think).

Also I would like this person to add the Native Map and Touch Strip technology to use it with Push. It would also be awesome to implement the same controlling functionality than the NI Komplete S keyboards offer (like browsing through the categories and sounds, but with the help of Push and not with the keyboards!!). Thx in advance.


Udo Behm 3 years ago | 0 comments

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