IF I unplugged firewire from firewire solo while computer running am I doomed?

I inadvertently unplugged Firewire Solo from computer while it was running. Since then I have been having problems, problems not unlike those some others have experienced. On the firewire mixer page, the sample rate is zero and will not be moved. In Live Lite 8 preferences it says there is no audio.

I have tried numerous approaches I though might solve the problem (some offered by other on the forum), including reinstalling firewire solo, running disc utility repair. I am about at the end of possibilities, other than repairs or the junk pile.

Am I screwed?


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  • guitarist916
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    If you unplug a firewire connection while running it can burn out the firewire input on your computer. My Mac had its previous owner do this.....If you have an expresscard slot or PCI slot then there are friewire adapter options as long as the unit has the option for external power supply instead of relying on the firewire port for power. Hope this helps!

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