If i create SAMPLER or SIMPLER instruments how do i save them "with the Samples"

If i create SAMPLER or SIMPLER instruments how do i save them "with the Samples"

I thought i was saving them with the samples but after a rename of my sample collection they were all blank.

How can i get in to a 'good practice'
to create and use my own SAMPLER instruments. 
without them 'not working' later on down the line because samples were lost?

Or is it best to use Kontakt?




RD444 6 years ago | 1 comment

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  • Warrior Bob
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    One way is to load up your Sampler or Simpler preset with your samples in a new Live project, then choose 'Collect All and Save' from the File menu, which copies all of your referenced samples into the project's Samples folder. You can browse to this project in the Live browser and pull out your sampler with its samples from other projects.

    Obviously you'll be duplicating your samples every time you make a new preset with them, but if you're going to be renaming the sample files now and again that's the only way I know of to avoid breaking the file references from your presets.

    6 years ago | 4 comments
  • AmdoHand
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    OK. You can save anything you get together, at least in sampler and probably also in simpler .

    right click on the samplers name bar

    save as default preset which you will find in your ableton user library

    under defaults

    It will just be called sampler

    so rename it sampler + whatever you like to be able to save various sampler instruments

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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