IAC Drivers / Midi controller conflicts?

Hey everyone,


I have some whizzy routing set up so that I can use IAC drivers to help me route midi controls so that I can assign one button to 'repeat' whatever scene I am in. It doesn't use any follow actions - just midi controls through the IAC BUS Driver, the big advantage meaning that I don't have to wait until the last measure of the bar before I hit the repeat button.

I basically have a pair of midi control channels and pair of audio contorl channels. When I hit the 'r' button, is turns them on and off in pairs enabling the repeat function.


The problem comes when assigning these to a midi footpedal - the whole thing goes nuts. It seems there is a conflict / interference between the midi foot controller and the IAC Driver. Without the IAC driver on, it toggles the channels on and off fine. With it on - it crashes / lags / randomly switches between the two modes.





Makro99 2 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Calagan
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    Hi !

    Same problem here.

    I've got a keyboard with relative encoders (they are independant from the parameter value they control, and just send + or - infos to the value they are mapped on), and I can't use them to map anything if the remote option is ticked in the Live preferences for the IAC bus.

    It seems that there is a conflict between this specific way of mapping (with relative encoders) and the IAC driver, as if there was a midi feedback somewhere ruining everything.

    I don't have any problem nor conflict when using theses encoders in absolute mode, but in my specific set up, it's almost useless...

    The symptoms are : chaotic move of the mapped parameter.

    Did someone experienced that apart from me and Makro99 ?

    Help (bis) !

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  • andyinpieces
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    I was having the same issue you are having so I decided to write multitracks.com and they gave me the solution. The problem is in the Output of the IAC driver. What you need to do is go to Preferences and Audio MIDI in Ableton and set the Input of the IAC driver so only Remote is on, then set the Output of the IAC driver so only Track is on. This solved it for me!

    9 months ago | 0 comments

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