I wish i could use Live. Some questions as a Logic user.



I love the simplicity of Live but there are my top three reasons why i cant use it. I wonder if anyone here knows how i feel and if you've any workarounds.


1. Quantise - In Logic i can see what Quantise settings are applied to each region, and can quickly adjust it or change the quantise amount. If i then want to go back to no quantise it will take it back to the way it was played in. Its basically non destructive quantising. Ableton doesnt seem to be able to do this and its something i could really use.


2. Nudging notes and regions back and forward by samples - In Logic i have a key command which allows me to move midi notes and regions back and forward by a sample at a time which means i can get really precise with timing and groove. Ableton doesn't seems to have this feature...


3. Being able to edit a sample before you chop it. In Logic before you 'convert to new sample track' you can edit the markers/chops of the sample before you convert to a sampler.


Any feedback on this would be really welcome.




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    1 Ableton can do this by changing warp settings, groove settings and by setting quantisation type for recording

    2 Change the grid in a clip to your needs, select the notes and move them as you please. To move them more accurately, turn off the grid, or use one of these functions:

    3 samples can be edited in the clip editor window, in a sampler or in the arrangement view (chop it, rearrange parts, set startpoint, etc. Etc.)
    After that you can convert it to a new sample track or turn it into a new clip/sample.

    So everything you want can be done quite easily in Live. But you will have to read the manual or watch some tutorials to see how it is done. Simply a matter of learning the way Live works :-)
    Hope this will help you on your way!

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