I wanted to know how hook up a mic to my Ozone m-audio midi keyboard and be able to get it to sync the mic/audio to ableton live 8

Then get it to sync the mic/audio to ableton live 8


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    Why would you want to sync anything? If I'm not mistaken, the M-audio has a mic input built in, right?

    So just plug in the mic, set up the audio input in Live, and voila.

    A mic just captures sounds that can be recorded. So if you sing into the mic, you can record this. After that you can start editing the sounds.

    However, the m-audio itself is only a midi keyboard/conroller. So you can use it to trigger sounds or events in Live.

    Those are two different things. Midi signals are used to trigger instruments, transport controls, etc. The audio input from the mic is not automatically synced to any of this. It is just a way to record audio.

    Hope this helps.

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