I want to open 2 live sets simultaneously and drag files between them. Seems I can only open one set at a time?

When I work in Logic, I often like to have 2 windows open at the same time and drag audio files between them. Say I've recorded something in one song, which didn't fit,  and I want to use that audio file in another one.

I can't find how to do that in Live.


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  • Birddy
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    if you save the project with this audio file . you can :

    1: export the file and drag it on a new project.

    2: import a whole set into a new one ( adding all tracks : midi and audio ) 

    to import a set into a new one, just drag and drop the " setname"  ALS into you new project. Live will add ALL content to the new project, creating automaticly  MIDI and audio tracks. sou you finally MERGE 2 sets. i hope that can help you

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