I thinks so!

I have a macBookPro with 2,4 Ghz possessor - GB RAM - 320 GB hard drive ) its about 188,99 GB left on this (Drive , ho is a standard comersiell drive with 520 rpm.

Somthing stranges happend to me! My machine just lock itself TOTALY AND THEN I MEEN TOTALY! Så i had to deliver it to the nearest Appleshop. I forgot to tell you that my Timemashinebackup also Was totally "blank" and this was destroyd after this so i have to by a new one!

So my concrete problem right no is: I can not get all the software that i have bought from you downloaded from your site. Ableton Suite is okay but MY PROBLEM IS TO DOWNLOAD MY IMPORTANT PAKCS - WHEN I GO FROM MY SIDE - "TO YOUR PACS" I CAN NOT FIND THIS DOWNLOADBUTTON BESIDE ALL THE PACS I HAVE PAYD FOR !!!

Can you please help me get this right, for me Appel have taken a full backup but something has going wrong an several of my programs i just gone for ever i think.

Buth al myAbleton sotware is one my account so they are safe but the problem for me is to download al my "PACS"

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ln63 4 years ago | 0 comments

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