I swear I am the only Vizzable user who finds the software unstable to the point of being mostly unusable?

running a 15" macbook pro, latest model with Yosemite. running vizzable through 32-bit ableton as per the developer's recommendation.


i've only ever managed to use vizzable successfully in a performance setting once and it was through complete fluke that it didn't freeze up, stutter or otherwise misbehave... it really is a matter of just crossing fingers and hoping it will run as expected, issues include the VIEWR plugin not displaying anything at all (during which the framerate outputs at a solid 0fps), to a flashing screen (would rather not unintentionally give any epileptic audience members seizures personally), to an extremely low framerate being outputted (even with a minimum of vizzable devices being used). any video files being used i've made a point of exporting in the correct format (i'm aware the software works better with photo JPEG compression).

the things that trigger unstable performance seem to be completely random but will usually involve removing a device in my chain or inserting a new device in my chain, then even undoing any changes will not fix the problem. it, again, also tends to be a matter of crossing fingers that it will work as expected whenever i open the software.

i've done some googling and it seems like i am the only person having difficulty with this, am i going completely mad here?


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    vizzable dev here.  Yes,  I'm aware of a lot of these issues.  It's a very big project and difficult to maintain especially with users using different versions of max and ableton.  At the moment my focus is on a complete rewrite optimized for max 7 so I'm not putting the as much time into maintenance of version 2.   Long story short,  yep,  it may not work for you at this time but keep in mind it's free and a labour of love.  Sit tight for vizz3 and that may fix your probs.  Or chat to us on the google group and we might be able to find stop-gap fixes.  https://groups.google.com/d/forum/jitterinmax4live-


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    No No No , You are not alone. I Work on Windows mascines and Your description are what can happen for me also.

    And in Windows its restart, restart, restart. arghh  But once its running stable I learned not to change anything and be prepared. And 64 bit No not possible.

    But Ok Its a free program and I know off no similar integreated in Ableton.

    I used it to do this project in Germany..


    bent bøgedal Christoffersen http://www.ljudkonst.se 

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