I need to re-install live but have it access my OLD library from before the uninstall.

So I was running 8.2.8 Ableton suit just fine then my computer was having problems so I had to get it fixed and it turned out to be my hard drive was having problems and it was replaced, the data on my computer was saved though so my Library is still intact on the computer but the program was uninstalled. So, I need to get the program installed again BUT instead of making a new library when it is installed, I need it to draw from the old one. But I have no clue how to do that Dx 


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    Find out where the library is (on your harddisk or external disk). Then move the content to a different location, or simply rename it. After installing Live, simply cut/paste the old library into the new one and choose the option to skip everything that is already in there, and add the files that were not there yet.

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