I need to configure via wi fi my session as I do to control live without wires

I want to use a phone through android controlled as I do


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    I can't get this to work with an "ad-hoc" network.

    Not possible?


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    This is an old question but still very much topical. Connecting smart devices to Live to use as controllers is increasingly popular but there are real stability issues. Being able to use the USB data cable rather than a Wifi network is a much requested feature and until today I held the common belief that this was only possible on iPhone/iPad if jailbroken. This enables use of an app called MiWi which in turn enables the data cable to be used for OSC and MIDI. If you are running android perhaps this solution is available to you.

    For those with iDevices I found that you can use the personal hotspot feature on your iDevice (it must have 3G connectivity otherwise it cannot create a hotspot) then go to your Network Preferences on the Mac and connect the the iPhone/iPad. From there you follow the same connection steps as with Wifi only the connection is hardwired. You can even disable Wifi on the Mac to verify this. Here's a video I made discussing this and running through the setup:




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    I know that you can also use something like a wii controller here's an app that I found when i googled it. I am not sure if this works, but it would be really cool if you tried it out.


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