I'm ready to buy a laptop for my live 8. I have a few questions.

Will live 8.2 operate with windows 7?

Do I not worry about soundcard on computer and invest in audio interface?

Do I need i7 processor or is i5 OK?

How much memory is recommended?

How many and what tyoe of inputs do I need?

Are there any other suggestions?

I plan on using live 8 mostly for composing my original songs in a polished manner and creating art/music videos'

I also plan to do some live performing as a solo accordionist playing tangos with some minimal background tracks.

Thank you!


etruscan 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    1). Yes it will.

    2). Yes, buy a good audio interface.

    3). I5 should work fine.

    4). Have a look at The ableton website to see what specs are recommended.

    5). Fully depends on what you want to do. Find out what you want to connect (mics, line inputs, midi, etc.) and choose an interface that has the right in- and outputs.

    As far as other suggestions go; if I were you I'd do some online research on other artists that use a similar setup, to see what the possibilities are.
    Also, I'd try to read some more about Ableton's options, hard- and software and the basics of producing your own music, before you buy anything else.

    Good luck!

    5 years ago | 1 comment

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