I'm new to Live. Looking to play live with pre-multitrack audio files / click track

I've created multi-track audio files in Cubase that are already sync'd to a tempo map with ritards and other tempo changes.

Can I import a MIDI tempo track into Ableton (as a click track) along with these files in a way that will allow them to be played back live while at the same time allowing other live players to follow the click and sync with the pre-recorded files?


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  • tom49
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    I would just try it out. The worst that can happen is Live telling you it does not recognise the file format or perhaps garbles up the files in the process. Alternatively, if loosing MIDI isn't a problem, convert it into an audio file in an audio format Live can handle. Live 9, however neither the Intro nor the Lite edition, allows you to 'slice to new MIDI track' of an audio file to then resequence/re-MIDI the audio file. However, not sure whether or not you deem it worth the trouble.

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