I'm looking to purchase a midi controller to use with live 8 and an APC 20

Hi, I am looking to purchase a midi controller for Live 8 and also run alongside an APC20, I would like something relatively easy to set up and use and not spend £100's on it. The older Korg microkontrol have caught my eye, so looking for something similar. Or would sticking with an Akai make life easier on set up etc ? Any recommendations would be gratefully received Thanks


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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    I would say the launchpad. it's getting cheaper everyday. i spent $90 on my last one. and I like all of the launchpads I have.

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  • Mark One
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    If you have the APC20 then Launchpad doesn't make much sense as you already have clip launch functions and the Launchpad has no continuous controllers. Up until very recently I would have only recommended the Akai MPD series (32 is the one I have) I have toured with this unit for years, it's rock solid, responsive, has plenty of controls and is increasingly cheaper to pick up. However I the past couple of months I've been using TouchOSC on the iPad and considering that you can pick up an iPad2 for about £200 and that you can design your own controller or choose from a huge selection of preset control interfaces it seems like a difficult deal to beat, just depends on how much you jive with touchscreen? Check out the TouchOSC website: http://www.hexler.net/software/touchosc



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