I'm hearing my voice without arming any track

Hi all,

I'm on ableton with an external mic linked to my sound card. Without having to arm any track on ableton, I hear my voice which is weird right ? 

Does anybody has the same thing ? How could I just hear what's on armed track ?

Thanks a lot


l0owl0ow 1 year ago | 0 comments

2 answers

  • hilker
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    Your sound card might have a low-latency monitoring feature that bypasses Live entirely. Make sure that feature is turned off.

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  • Nick Dixon
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    Right click the speaker icon on the windows taskbar next to the time. Click recording devices.
    Select you input and click properties.

    Click the listen tab and make sure listen to this device is off.

    If your sound card has a similar feature disable that in it's control panel as well.

    You should have a driver in audio preferences like the free ASIO4ALL driver that will access your mic when Ableton needs it.

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