"Anyone out there using Ableton Live with their drumkit ? (RT acoustic triggers & Vdrum pads)

  "Anyone out there using Ableton Live with their drumkit ?
My question:
   How can I set up 'scenes' in an Ableton set, to trigger 'different samples' as well as, a different 'BPM', from my "acoustic triggers" & Vdrum pads through a Roland module ? The clips would also have some backing tracks when needed.
I would like to make a 'scene' (bpm clik, drum samples & bking trks) for each song of the set-list, so that, I could simply press the "Down Arrow" on my laptop to change to the next song.
I'd rather by-pass the module sounds and use my own samples/FX in Ableton.

What do you think ?

Has anyone tried the Aquarian inHead system ? Sounds too good to be true."

Anyone tried, somehow, bypassing a drum module completely ?

thx ! T... B¬ ]


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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    Any of these would be fine. It all depends on how you like to program. If you are doing a concrete set, then definitely do it in arrangement view, though I'm not really sure how to consult with you on the mapped markers because they have never been very useful for me. I always find that chains and scenes work well together.

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    Definitely use session view.  Look at how the DJ tom Cosm uses session view to hold info for multiple songs, you could have an entire show loaded in one file.

    Naming a row in session changes the bpm.  

    I personally would use drum racks but if your setup is simple enough impulse would work.

    Make sure you set one of your triggers to the tap tempo so if the band or you get off the click you can pull the song back to your tempo or wherever the band has drifted to.

    I just bought a really great laptop stand from sweetwater, would work great for a drummer doing what you are doing. 

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