I just bought ableton, and i'm having a tough time making a hip-hop/rap type beat.

I like to make Raw hip-hop/rap, soulful rap, g-funk and gansta rap. I'm just finding it difficult to get the sound i want, i've messed around with most of the instruments and drums but i can't seem to find what i need. I was thinking about buying some sample packs of different drum kits and of other instruments i need but i'm not quite sure yet. Any ways... any tips would help. Please&&thank you, Deisol.


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    Now that is what makes producing your own music so hard! If it were easy, everyone would be able to make a great beat, right?

    But to get you on your way: there are several things that make a great beat.
    - right sounds
    - a good groove
    - fx/compression.

    To get good sounds, try using fx on basic drumsamples. Tou could also try making your own drums with a drummachine vst. There are some great freeware ones out there. Try looking for Drumatic, for instance.
    There are also enough good quality samples available for free. You can even try sampling good kicks from tracks you like.
    Make sure you get a nice groove, by using Live's groove engine.

    Layering different drums, and using eq and compression to shape the sound works very well, but takes time to learn! That won't happen overnight....

    Good luck.

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