I just bought ableton, and i'm having a tough time making a hip-hop/rap type beat.

I like to make Raw hip-hop/rap, soulful rap, g-funk and gansta rap. I'm just finding it difficult to get the sound i want, i've messed around with most of the instruments and drums but i can't seem to find what i need. I was thinking about buying some sample packs of different drum kits and of other instruments i need but i'm not quite sure yet. Any ways... any tips would help. Please&&thank you, Deisol.


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  • cutwithflourish
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    Best tip I can recommend for finding your feet is to listen to recordings you like and try to understand how they were made. The difference in production process (and instruments used) for different artists can give you plenty of ideas as to how you can get a similar sound yourself.

    For example finding out what and how people like RZA and DJ Premier sample, compared to the lack of sampling used by people like Dr Dre and Kanye West, goes a long way to understand how you can get a particular sound.

    Listening and understanding examples is a really good way to get started.

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  • neuronaut
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    This is the "art" part.

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  • idrob2001
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    I find that Live has an easy way to build your own drum kits by using various loops and audio samples.  In a loop, highlight a particular hit or section, click title bar and drag to midi track with loaded drum rack or impulse, and then drop to an empty slot.  From there try using Simpler tools or audio effects to refine sound.  

    I would also check out NI Maschine Kits 

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