I have my drums in a drum rack and want to side chain a bass line to one drum (the kick) but I can figure out how to do it...

I have a bass line that I would like to set a side chain to the kick drum inside the drum rack but there's no option to do that, only to side chain with the entire drum rack which doesn't sound good. I would also like to know this if I want to side chain a lead synth to the snare or something. How do I do this? Thanks in advance!



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    Several options to do that.

    Easiest way is to put a Live compressor on th bassline track. then activate "sidechain", select audio input from the drumrack. Then click the box underneath that and select the sound of the drumrack that you want to use as a trigger for the sidechain compression.

    If you want to sidechain compress the bassline, even when the drums are not playing, you could insert an extra track, put a drumloop (the same pattern that's in your drumrack f.i.) on that, and set the output to "send only". Then set the sidechain input to this track, and voila, the bass will be sidechained by the drum.


    Hope this helps!


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