I have live lite 8 but downloaded the free trial of Suitel but it keeps opening Lite?!

I have ableton live lite 8 but downloaded the free trial of Suite off of Ableton.com. Followed all the instructions. Opened it. And it is still live LITE. It said it would deal with all of the necessary updates on the instructions but it is still just opening Lite and not my Suite free trial. I would love some help! Thank you!!! 


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    I'm having the same problem. Ableton has proved to be a nightmare to set up for me.  The only way I found round it was to go on the ableton website click on 'my account' then go to the 'authorize' section and click on the trial there, which then loads up live. Very frustrating

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    I figured it out! You have to go to "Help" within the Lite Lite Trial, and select "User Account and Licences." Then, you select "Yes" for showing all the options at startup. Then, restart Live. A popup will ask you which version you want to use. Live Suite of course. Now select that. Now, it will ask you to authorize it. CLICK "WHY?" Then, the popup will go away and a lesson will appear on the right side of Ableton. Click the link under "Free Trial Licenses." You know what to do from there.

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  • jonasbj
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    are you opening a Live Set, or are you opening the actual application (Live Suite Trial) you downloaded?

    The Live Suite Trial and The Live Lite should be two different applications.

    Live Sets might be set to open in Live Lite, so you should first open Live Suite Trial, then choose: "Open Live Set" from the File menu.

    If you want your Live Sets to always open in your Live Suite Trial application, on a mac, Right Click the .als file in any Live Project folder, choose "Show info" and under "Open With", find the Live Suite application, then hit "change all" just below the drop down menu.

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