I have Live 9 Standard using an AKAI MPD26 and would like a little more info on chopping samples.

I have Ableton live 9 standard and I know how to chop a sample up and put it into a drum rack.  I'm using Akai MPD26 but what I haven't figure out how to do is to get my sample to play the whole sample when I hit a pad on my mpd26.  If I hold the pad down it will play the whole sample but if I just hit it once it will only play as much of the sample based on how long I held the pad down.  I have seen videos of folks hitting the pad once and having the whole sample play.  What am I missing in order to be able to hit my pad once and it will play the entire sample assigned to that pad?  If someone could help me with that.




djamproductions 3 years ago | 0 comments

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