I have ableton live right now but i want to switch to logic. I don't want to lose any of my work from ableton so is it possible to send my live set to logic so i can edit and mix it there instead?

If it is not possible to edit my ableton live set in logic, it would be awesome if someone could tell me how to send the audio files to logic so I can mix the track there. 

Thanks so much!


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  • cheakypawl
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    No, you can't edit ANY DAW in any other DAW. So you'll have to export your session as AUDIO.

    It is VERY simple.

    Go Export Audio/Video, and select ALL INDIVIDUAL TRACKS in the top RENDERED TRACKS drop down (change it from master).

    You can decide whether you want aif/wav/16/24/32 bit audio files.

    You'll have a file for each of your tracks/channels.

    If you select nothing in the project, the whole project will "bounce to disk", if you want a specific section, select that specific section (in time, in arrangement view) and then do the RENDER.

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