I have a neat 3 clip follow action for one audioclip. How to duplicate to another audioclip?

Hi, while I play gigs live I tend to sometimes re-model audioclips with follow-actions. I like to repitch melodic elements with Follow Actions and Transpose.

But once I've made a three or four audio-clip follow action + transposition setting, I would like to modify another set of three or four audio-clips to use the same follow action + transposition settings. How would I go about doing that?

Basically what I'm talking about is that I might do this:

Audioclip#1 - Transpose 0, Follow Action (next) in 4 bar

Audioclip#1 - Transpose 3, Follow action (next) in 3 bar

Audioclip#1 - Transpose -1, Follow action (next) in 1 bar   (next would then go back to the beginning audioclip settings).

I would also use Legato, so that the whole audioclip plays throughout this, to maintain diversity.

But, since it would take me a few minutes to make sure this works in a live environment, while basically doing it live, how would I then, easily, take these Transpose + Follow Action + Legato settings and apply them to Audioclip#2? I would, of course, create 3 copies of Audioclip#2 in a second Audiotrack, but how would I copy the Follow Actions directly?

Would I first duplicate these 3 Audioclip#1's to a second track and then replace the audiofile-name with some other file? 
Please help, if at all possible.


esaruoho 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • esaruoho
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    I asked around a little bit, and so far it seems that first I'm to create the Follow Actions + parameters, then duplicate the 3 clips in Session-view, and then select one clip at a time and drag another wavefile to the above the (Edit-Save-Rev) portion, no way to do it by selecting all 3 clips and dragging there, since the name vanishes when 3 clips are selected.

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  • Dennis DeSantis Ableton staff
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