i cant seem to get my mackie to record to ableton

hi, its a bit of a longshot question that someone could help with, i'm also real ableton nood as it comes to the config en sending the audio trough.

my problem is that my mackiefx8 has the capacity to send audio to ableton trough usb.i just cant seem to make it work. 
mackie fx is connected with usb AUDIO codec (also usb connection). It  should not need extra drivers to work... i can send audio to my mackie.
In ableton i have my ASIO drivers put up.
it is connected to my pc and shows its connection. but ableton doesnt seem to get any signal.

i know, i havnt payed for a full license yet :( would love to once i know my gear works with it :p  i hope you could help me out! 

thanx :)


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