I can't get my live packs to play

My name is Keith Clark i'm a rapper I just started producing; I use ableton live and I've been working on this same beat for the last 96 days. I've been through all the tutorials but I can't make my live packs play back in session or arrangement view.


I'm laying down a a kick british and after I lay it down how do I hear it along with the beat i've made? I have the sound on it never plays.


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    Hey Keith,

    Can you be a bit more specific? Livepacks have nothing to do with playback of sound, for starters. Livepacks are installed, or used to put a track with all its parts into one compact file.

    Playing sounds; just click on the triangle in the clips, or hit the play button when working in the arrangement view.

    And what do you mean with laying down a kick british?

    Sounds to me like you simply don't yet know how the software works.
    Maybe I'm just misunderstanding your question?

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