I can't find any of my sets upon upgrading from Ableton 8 Suite to Ableton 9 Suite?

Hello, I am a Mac OS X user (version 10.7.5). I have had Ableton 8 Suite for a year, and just upgraded to Ableton 9 Suite a day ago (October 20, 2013). 

Right after downloading and installing Ableton 9, I uninstalled Ableton 8 to free up some storage. However on the next day (October 21, 2013), I was finally able to find the time to mess around in Ableton 9, and come to find out all of my project's sets are in gray text and unselectable within Ableton 9. 

I've been thoroughly searching my computer for any .asl or .alp, but cannot seem to find anything at all.....:( It's very heartbreaking as it's a year's worth of work(!!!) and I perform regularly

Also, a few weeks back (October 6, 2013), I was able to back up my Macintosh HD to an external hard drive. I can't find any sort of .als file.......but I'm really clinging on to the hope that they're all hidden on there somewhere.

Is it possible that they are all hidden somewhere deep within my Mac or external hard drive? Or did Ableton 9 over write them all??? 

Please, please help if you can!



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    If the files are greyed out, that means they are not in the location they used to be anymore.
    So i get the idea that you deleted more than just Live 8.

    I assume you have a folder where you stored all your Ableton projects?
    To make sure, use the Live 9 browser and add a new location (places).
    Now browse to your folder that is supposed to contain your projects and select it.
    Then click on that same folder, that should now be visible in the list of user locations/places.
    Unfold it, and you should be able to see all the Live projects.

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