I can only use K6, K7, and K8 controls on Akai MPK Mini

The only controls that work on my MPK mini for automation is K6, K7, and K8. Any time I try to use any of the other controls, nothing happens. Zero, nada. I tried looking up tutorials on YouTube but all I found were pros showing off how easy it was to use their MPK mini to make awesomely good beats. I feel like an idiot. Then again, I don't see why there would be much incentive to explain something so simple to an idiot like me if you already can make sick beats. But I digress... Does anyone have a quick suggestion on how to get the rest of the controls working (knobs)? THANK YOU :D


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    Ok, forgive me if you already tried this, but I have to ask anyway;

    - Did you make sure the latest driver is installed? (if it needs one)

    - Did you select the MPK script in Live's midi control preferences?

    - Did you activate the track/sync/remote functions for in- and outputs? The manual will explain what needs to be turned on/off

    - Have you checked if manual midi mapping works for the rest of the buttons/knobs?


    If it still doesn't work after all that, something is wrong. But make sure you try all this first


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