I am having lots of trouble..... [Novation Launchpad S & Ableton Live Lite Launchpad Edition]

Hey, I'm a new user of the Novation Launchpad S and I was wondering if anyone could help me a bit. I don't really know how to do anything yet, but I have made a project that is just a drum rack with samples put into yet. Also I have enabled LEDs for each pressed button. I've watched a lot of tutorials and have only learnt this. My questions: Can anyone help me? Does anyone have the best beginner tutorials in HD? How do I put samples in EXCEPT for in the drum racks? Does anyone have good tips and advice? How do I put on a lightshow?





DaGamr 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Dilan_Shabani
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    Hello DaGamr,

    In order to put on samples without drum racks, you need to create 8 audio tracks, each of them will have different samples placed on them. If you switch into 'Mixer mode' on your Launchpad, you will see that a button lights up on the Launchpad when you place a sample on one of the audio tracks, when you press the button that is lit up on the Launchpad, it will play the sample.

    The lightshow however, is a different and more complicated setup, you will need 'Drum Racks', 'Instrument Racks' and the knowledge on how to map different pads to an audio track.

    If you are struggling to understand some of this, or are in desperate need of a video for the lightshows I can create one for you and embed it into this answer. Please reply if you have any questions


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