howto avoid retriggering a note in session view

i have a single note going for a drone over 2 bars.

but how can i avoid retriggering this note always from the begining ?


ahs 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • sp0bjogu
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    Solution 1:

    Clip Legato: enable

    Clip Loop: disable

    If you intend to have the drone play/evolve for more than two bars, adjust MIDI note length and Clip End accordingly.


    Solution 2 (assuming MIDI note start/end at 1.1.1/3.1.1):

    Clip Legato: enable

    Clip Loop: enable

    Clip Start: 1.1.1

    Clip End: 3.1.1

    Loop Position: 1.1.2

    Loop Length: 1.3.2

    Drone will play/evolve infinitely until clip is stopped.

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  • ahs
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    2nd solution is absoluty right for me.

    i have a note on but no note on and off again ;-))

    clever !

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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