How will adding an external monitor to my laptop affect the performance of Live 9?

I am running the latest version of Live 9 Suite on a Samsung Series 9 with the following specs:

 - Intel i5-3337u (Intel HD Graphics 4000)

 - 4Gb RAM

 - 128Gb SSD

 - The built-in screen is 1080p.

I would like to add an external monitor for the mixer in session view, and to have the spectrum analyser on the master permanently showing.

My question is whether doing so will have a noticable affect on the performance of Live, since it already struggles a bit with more complex sets. I know that with discrete graphics it shouldn't matter because the load is on the GPU, but I'm unsure when it comes to Intel's own graphics. Thanks :)

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Colin Oscar P. 4 years ago | 0 comments

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