How trigger LFO only for the first note played in Operator

I have a synth melody starting off with a very low LFO rate continuously accelerating without retriggering LFO. I would like to trigger the LFO for only the first note so that especially the slowly modulated notes at the beginning sound the same every time.

When retrigger LFO is set to off, it always starts at a different value so when I bounce audio, I'm never sure what it will end up like.

I've tried automating the retrigger button so that it turns off right after the first note is played but it still seems to retrigger the LFO for the second one. So of course I also tried doing so for a silent note played before the first one to be heard but it still starts at a different value every time it's played. I've also tried automation of LFO ON, LFO Type and LFO Range. Nothing seems to do the job.

Any advice out there? Hope the question is explained good enough.



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Mann.Mustermax 5 months ago | 0 comments

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