How to write text notes into a project?

Hi All, wondering if there is any way to record text notes in a project? I work on some projects within a group and it would be handy to be able to have an area where notes could be types that could include progress, latest edits, etc. so that the next person working on a project knows where the previous version left off (or an individual can keep track of the last thing they did if working on multiple projects). Appreciate this can be done with traditional pen/paper or word files on the pc but would be handy to be able to include in the project files to keep it all together. Cheers.


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    You can use Edit Info Text to add notes to a clip, scene, track, preset, rack, or chain. What I would probably recommend in your case would be to create a blank scene called "Notes". Click on the Scene and either select Edit Info Text from the Edit menu, or right/ctrl-click (PC/Mac) the scene to edit it from the context menu.

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