How to use two audio inputs to trigger samples or midi

I've got two inputs on my audio kontrol 1 that i don't use during live-sets and i wondered if there is some smart dude who build a small free program to turn a audio-in peak to CC. I've found a couple but they don't work on a mac or arent free.

I managed to get it working (two piezo's as drum triggers to the audio-in of my soundcard) by adding a "midiaudiotocc" vst in ableton and sending the midi data from ableton to the IAC bus and back to ableton again to trigger clips. But that was highly unstable and stopped working a couple a days ago (no idea why). 

So im searchin for a divice that uses the two piezo's as drumtriggers and stands inbetween the soundcard and ableton to turn em into CC values to trigger samples in ableton and works on a mac (no need for pitch detection, just above a certain level = midi note). Something like the apulSoft apTrigga2 but free.



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    Hi! Don't know about any free programs that do that but with Max/MSP (and probably Max for Live, havent tried it yet) you can do that and lots more, definitely something you'll want to check out if you want to do that kind of stuff. It's not free (there's a trial version available that works for a month though with no limitations) and has a pretty steep learning curve when you first start out but it gives you a lot of freedom cause it basically enables you to write programs yourself so you can connect any parameter to any parameter. If you just want to do this one thing though and don't want to learn Max then I guess I cant help you, sorry :)

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