How to use the Keith McMillen Softstep

I purchased a softstep last June but am just now getting it connected. The software has changed. I simply want to trigger scenes with it for now. I.e. Key 1 fires a scene; Key 2 Fires a different Scene; etc.

So far no love between the two. MIDI mapping doesn't work but the keys will trigger a MIDI note on an instrument.

The online tutorials use older software. None of the written examples match the software. Neither of the editors seem to configure the thing to talk to Live in a similar fashion. It seems like there is a missing driver or something.


I have the Basic editor v2.0 and the Advanced editor v2.0. Nothing more is available on the KM website.

Is anyone out there actually using this? Can you give me a clue?

imac quad core i5 8GB RAM

osx 10.7.5

Live  9






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    I have the same problem...

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    This was from an email from a tech at KM:

    "Let's get you up and running in Live.

    You do not need the editor to use the SoftStep with Ableton Live. There is an important detail you need to know about the MIDI settings in Live: If your SoftStep is running in Standalone mode make sure to engage track and remote for MIDI port 1 input in your MIDI settings. Disable the other Soft step ports because they will send erroneous data.

    If your SoftStep is running in Hosted mode (which it often is when connected to the editor) then set up Live's MIDI preferences so that the SoftStep Share MIDI port is set to track and remote on and that the other SoftStep MIDI ports are off.

    At this point you should be able to enter Live's MIDI map mode and select a button or toggle in Live and press a SoftStep key.

    Regarding your advanced editor:

    Please right click on the advanced editor and select "Show Package Contents" then go to contents->resources. In the resources folder do you see a presets folder? right click on that and select get info. Make sure you have read and write access.

    Within the presets folder do you see 5 files?

    If so and your still having the crashing can you try deleting presets folder and then unzip the zipped version in the resources folder. Does that fix your problem? 

    Let me know how it goes."

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