How To Use Multiple Sounds from one External Synth in multiple midi tracks. (Roland JD-XI)

Hey Guys. I recently figured out how to lay patterns down in Piano Roll from my Roland JD-XI by creating a midi track and using an "External Instrument".

Problem I just ran into is that if I create another midi track and do the same thing, the SAME sound plays, and if i change the sound on the JD-XI, the sound changes also on the first track i made.

I simply want to know how to use this same piano roll method for laying down patterns with sounds from my JD-XI, but create another track using a different sound, and still preserve all original information set on the first one.

Can anyone please help me?! I'd prefer not to live record but if that's the only way, please let me know or elaborate. Thanks so much guys!!

(fairly new to Ableton from FL studio, falling in love with Live 9 more and more everyday)


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    The reason you hear the same sound on a different channel is quite simple; you only have 1 synth; so all midi signals go to the same synth. different track, doesn't matter; still one and the same signal.

    To use several separate sounds, your synth needs the option to be able to play several simultanious patches and send them to separate audio outputs. Since it only has a stereo output, your only hope would be routing separate audio parts via usb; if that is even possible with that synth; don't know.

    Your problem is one of the reasons vst plugins are so useful :)

    That is often one of the limitations when using hardware.

    Tip; it takes longer and is more work, but why not record one part at a time; record a melody or part, then add a new track and record another part, etc. This really helps getting more interesting results too!


    2 years ago | 2 comments

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