How to use MIDI to control pitch correct VST

I have an audio track where the singer is off pitch. To experiment with pitch correction I downloaded and installed the GSnap VST plug-in.  It has two modes; Fixed scale and MIDI controlled.

Fixed scale works fine, but now I'd like to experiment with the MIDI mode.

I created a MIDI piano track with the right melody, but can't figure out exactly how to integrate the MIDI control into the audio track.

In the VST preset I selected "MIDI fun" (the only MIDI choice) which also changes the original plug-in panel to "Snap to MIDI input".

In Live's MIDI piano track, I selected Vocal #1 as the track's output. In Vocal #1's input chooser I see GSnap as the device and MidiMode as the choice.

In the Vocal #1 track do I also have to select Piano as the input, or was it sufficient to just have the piano track outputting to the vocal?

Does one or both tracks have to be armed to hear the effect?

I could be missing just one setting, or I could be 180o off in my understanding of the concept(!)

Almost all the tutorial videos that I've found either deal with AutoTune, or assume that I want my singer to sound like T-Pain. Neither fits my situation.

My real goal is to learn how to make Live do what I believe it can do with a smarter operator.


JDinOR 2 years ago | 0 comments

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