How to use MIDI "banks" within Ableton

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I'm using an Oxygen 49 midi controller with Live 8 on Max OSX 10.6. Is there any software that exists that would allow me to program MIDI "banks" (or presets I've seen some people use". For example, say I have mapped all my faders 1-9 to the parameters of an equalizer. I now want to be able to push a button (or key) and make it switch to a new "bank" where I could use the same 1-9 faders for another plugin.

I know the Oxygen 49 has some kind of built in preset function, and I've been reading on it a while but I can't seem to program it to act in the way I wish. Plus, I'td be really cool if there was software that allows one to customize incoming data and be able to organize it into "banks".

Any advice would greatly be appreciated!!!





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    I dont own a oxygen keyboard but it the same for all such devices. you have to setup all faders with various midi CCs. then you can use midilearn/midimapping in Live & switch between the presets with the preset up/down buttons on your oxygen.

    for example:
    preset 1 - cc 20-29 (mapped to eq)
    preset 2 - cc 29-38 (mapped to beatrepeat)
    and so on...

    please note, some CCs are in standard use & should not be used, i.e. modulation, volume...

    here you can find a list of all midi CCs:

    in the pdf manual will have also a good overview & how to guide for programming your controller.


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  • dagon
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    You could also use a bank change to switch MIDI channels, (I think).  I believe you get 16.

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