how to use inserts on my iD22


I recently bought a moogerfooger analog delay and now I want to try it. The problem is I can't get it connected to the insert/return out/ins on my audient iD22.

I created a return track in ableton and went through all the outputs my soundcard has and still couldn't get a signal to the delay. The cables are working and the in - out connection is properly set up. 

If I plug the TRS in my main out, the moog receives a signal, and... logically delays everything. 

The main problem is getting the signal from ableton to the moog over the insert/returns

set up:
Macbook pro 2014 15"
audient iD22
moogerfooger analog delay

Pleeeease heelp me..



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    Have hou tried putting an external fx rack on it?

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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