How to use Impulse as Drum Rack?

I'd like to sequence an Impulse kit using Push. Drum sequencing only seems to be possible with Drum Racks. Is it possible to turn an Impulse kit into a Drum Rack?

The only way I found is to drag the actual samples from Impulse to a Drum Rack but the result sounds quite different as the additional processing (randomising, etc.) from Impulse is missing.

Is there a better way to do this - maybe by somehow routing a drum rack to impulse instead of recreating it...? I'd appreciate any idea.


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    Drum rack is great, I know what you mean.. was asking this same question out loud not that long ago ;). Luckily the answer is simple but will require some work. Play out all the notes in the range you want in drum rack. So example C,F,B... whatever...

    1. Those three notes will be played out in your arrangement view.

    2. Then Freeze the track by right clicking the track (on the right side)

    3. Flatten the track.

    4. Now you can command+E (mac) these clips and drop them into your Drum rack. Drum rack is designed to play samples, luckily you can easily create your samples and throw them into drum rack, this is what I've started doing these last few months and it has been an amazing experiment/experience! Hope this gets you your desired affect.

    5. Cool tip: If you didn't know, you can actually drop effects on those samples in drum rack and it will just be on that single sample!

    Add me on soundcloud and let me know if that worked out for you! Always up to help so shoot me a msg there.




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