How to use Banks on an MPK249 running Live 9

I just got an MPK249 and am loving how it works w Ableton, but I'm a little perplexed by the 4 Banks to the left of the pads and the 3 Control Banks just beneath the transport-control buttons (play, stop, rec etc).

Can anyone give me an example of how they can be used? The Akai manual is not very helpful in this regard.

I'm using Live 9 Standard.



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  • Near Earth Object
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    you could use those banks to save different mappings.

    For example: use bank 1 for controlling all track volumes with the faders, and use bank 2 to control panning for every track with the same faders.

    So if you select bank 1, the faders control volume, but if you select bank 2, the same faders control something else. And you can do the same for many different functions.

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  • T^3
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    Aha! Thank you!

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