How to use Ableton Push 2 with turntable setup?

Good day,
I believe I've searched high and low for a good setup so this is what I'm trying to accomplish;
I have an Ableton Push 2, audio interface, MacBook Pro and I want to get a vinyl Dvs setup to use in conjunction with it. Meaning I want to scratch and remix over the beats I've created on the Push. I am oldschool so I don't want a controller but rather turntables with dvs to use with Serato.
Maybe I've over complicated the situation but do I need to run my push through a mixer so therefore need more than a two channel serato enabled mixer? (2 channels for turntables plus at least one more for the Push?). Or can I accomplish this through having my two turntables hooked in to a two channel mixer, in to my computer/audio interface and the Push hooked up the same way (not through a mixer).
I appreciate any input and suggested setups/mixers,

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ChuckDee 1 year ago | 0 comments

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