How to us the Volume mixer for more than 8 tracks with Push


My question might be silly but I'm still searching how to mix more than 8 tracks with the Push. So far I have a direct access to the first 8 tracks. Is it a way to move the direct access to the tracks from 9 till .... 

Thanks a lot.


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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi there, 

    Just press the "Session" button on Push and you will be able to navigate through all tracks of your set with the arrow buttons. 




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  • Great Bear
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    - and if you hold the session button down whilst you do this (as if it were a shift key), it will flick straight back to note mode when you let go.

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  • Salokin
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    There are 3 different options in Session mode: 

    1. with the simple navigation arrows, you can move across one track or scene at a time
    2. with the octave arrows, you move 8 tracks at a time
    3. and if you hit the layout button, you'll see the grid turn into a layout where each cell is 8 tracks and 8 scenes, you can move quickly that way too



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