How to sync talking audio/quote to a track??

What is the best way to sync up audio from a movie or a speech, in other words speaking or talking, to a track. Is there anyway to stretch the audio without getting the clipping or over stretching noise?? So that the short audio clips are said slower and longer??




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  • Mark One
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    In order to slow audio down without a gaining sliced/granular/distorted sound is to change the Warp Mode for the audio clip.

    The Ableton manual explains the difference between the different modes but for slowing down while retaining the most accurate representation of the audio you should use Complex or Complex Pro.

    After you have set this you can change the Master Tempo in the top left of the screen and you will hear the slower audio but with a preserved pitch.

    It's worth listening to the different Warp Modes as they have very different characteristics and you'll find that as well as being useful tools for different warping tasks they can also add interesting textures to audio when used creatively.


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  • Carlosnik
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    Depending the source audio you are trying to focus on, and the destination track you are going to be using as mashup, i would recommend an action called slice ducking, and i will try to describe as follows:
    1 - Load Up the Source File (Speech / Movie Sample) in an Audio Track.
    2 - Disable de Warping Option of this clip.
    3 - Now choose the Master BPM (BPM of the Destination Track you would like to duck the speech in.
    4 - Move the Speech / Movie Sample to the Arrangement View.
    5 - Disable the Grid Size on Arrangement View in order to be free to move any slice to any position you like.
    6 - Now you should open the Track as much as you can, then you can see the Audio on screen in a clear way.
    7 - You will try to do as much slices as you can in order to sync them to the Beats you can see in the top of the arrangement view.
    (Remember that in your destination track you will have 4/4 , Beats and Bars, and it would be great to sync the slices to those Kicks / Beats)
    8 - Once you have made all the slices you need, you can export the file as audio.
    (Remember to turn on the Analysis File when Ableton Exports)
    9 - Load in a new project the rendered Speech / Movie Sample, and now, the BPM should be changed to the Destination Track you have already chosen.
    10 - Now you can try to correct the slices you made with some Yellow Markers to the Beats. 
    11 - Use Complex Pro as Warping Engine.
    In Some cases the Speech or Audio file has a lot of environmental process, like Reverb, Delays or whatever, so, in those cases, when you cut a slice and you move them over the  Beats you create some glitch or cut sound.
    In those cases you can apply the Fades on every slice to try to combine the cut with the fades and the beatgrid.
    Recommendation 2:
    If you are only interested in the Speech, and there are some sounds in the back or music, you can try to apply a Gate FX to the Dynamic range the voice is on, with the right amount of Attack, and Hold / Release.
    Feel Free to ask me something if you believe this is confusing.
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  • Carlosnik
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    Anyway Mark, spite of being a good recommendation, if a Vocal is not Synced to the beat at all , you can still have the feeling of slowed or to the beat grid speed, but at the end, No Sync at all.


    I believe he is talking about sync to the beat, no matter the speed of the speech or movie sample.

    By the end of the day, you will have to use Complex or Complex Pro as you say, anyway.

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