how to sweep a control down then up with the same midi cc? (max to min via 0-62, min to max via 64-127)

Hi, I own Max for Live and am looking for the best way to accomplish this to make a custom mapping for a plugin with a clunky interface (PSP NobleQ).


I need to use the first half of the CC to sweep the control from max to minimum, then the second half of the CC range to sweep back up from min to max.


This would enable me to map NobleQ's rather clunky mid and high bell controls to behave like a regular DJ EQ.  




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    Isotonik do a m4l plugin called Smart where you can custom map the parameter values via a drawn graph, in your case you'd draw a 'V' shape (so as the input value increases the output will decrease from full to zero, then from zero to maximum). There's a free version on their page called Smart LE (near the bottom right here - ) where you can try it out

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