I'm trying to start sampling from some vinyl and I'm not sure what all I need. I have two Technics 1200s and a dj tech dif -1s mixer as well as an omega lexicon audio interface, a rane sl3 (and I feel like this could possibly help but I also have a qsc gx5 power amplifier that came with the turntables) And then the push two.
And then if I have everything I need, how do I set up the cables, what modes do I need to switch to(like phono vs line, obviously phono but just to give an example). 
Then, once I have everything setup correctly. What do I need to do in ableton to get going?


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    If you want to sample from vinyl, using your current setup, i would simply route the output from the dj mixer (master2, booth out, or whatever extra outputs it has) into the soundcard, connected to Live. This way you don't need to worry about phono signals, since you only record the final signal, which is a 'line' signal.
    Record the incoming signal into Live and voila, you are ready.

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